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Water tank and fire pump suppliers and installation in the Blue Mountains. We also sell and install tank stands. Water tank installation can be either directly on the ground or tank stands. If installed on the ground a concrete slab, pavers or crusher dust have to be used.

Water tanks connected to a fire pump and sprinkler system are a good way to fight ember attack on houses. A lot of homes are burnt down down due to ember attack. Ember attack arrives before the radiant heat of the fire front. Rain water tanks with the appropriate water pump and sprinkler system may help save your home.

Bushman water tanks are available in colorbond or poly plastic. Colorbond water tanks have a food grade plastic coating inside. This is to prevent the metal based materials contaminating the water.

We can arrange the tank stand or concrete slab for the installation. Contact us for a free quote on your rain water tank sales and installations in the Blue Mountains and surrounding areas. 

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slimline water tank

Slimline Water Tanks

Compact and offering a slightly larger capacity, slimline rainwater tanks have all the benefits of a traditional water tank but allowing for a larger amount of water to be captured.

This tank is ideal for suburban homes which might have limited space such as between the house and boundary fence.

Sizes Available in Litres: 720, 1000, 1150, 2000, 3000 and 5000

Size and Cost inc gst # of Slimline Water Tanks: 720L $680, 1000L $780, 1150L $910, 2000L $1070, 3000L $1190 and 5000L $1950

squat water tank

Squat Water Tanks

The traditional squat rainwater tank has been designed experts and is ideal for areas where there is a low roof line or where the tank would need to be on a stand and still be below the eaves of the roof. It is a round, squat tank and allows for a good amount of rain water to be stored in it without taking up too much room.

Sizes available in Litres: 1200, 1500, 2450, 2550, 3250, 4200 and 5000

standard water tank

Traditional Round Water Tanks

The traditional round water tank storage unit is excellent for small spaces around suburban households as it provides reasonable storage capacity with minimum width.

These will fit in back yards, sides of houses where you have ample space to the boundary fence. Sizes available in litres: 9500, 10000, 15000, 22500, 25000, 30000 and 46400

modular water tanks

Modular Slimline Water Tanks

The modular Slimline Rainwater Tank provides the ultimate flexibility for water storage around the home.

The beauty of this model is that it is subdivided into parts. Meaning it can be installed as a single tank in a confined space, or you can link up any number of 1,000L tanks if you want to capture and store larger amounts of water.

Size Available: 1000 Litres Cost: $570.00 inc gst #

steel water tanks

Galvanised Aqualine Water Tanks

The ASL32 is a galvanised tank which has the strength of steel, the corrosion protection of a galvanised product and the real water holding capability of a sturdy polyethylene tank liner. In Australia’s tough climate, this tank works.The ASL32 comes complete with a galvanised access ladder, Geotextile wall liner, lockable access manhole, inlet strainer, 100mm Gal overflow, 50mm outlet and ball valve. This tank is ready to go. Colourbond colours are available so your new tank can match the roof, sheds or fences. 

Sizes available for Galvanised Aqualine Range of water tanks in litres: 32000, 44000, 58000, 73000, 90000, 110000, 130000, 152000, 177000, 203000, 230000 and 260000

fire pump
fire hose kit

 Fire Fighting Pumps and Hoses

The Bianco BIA-HP15AH-C is a compact self-priming engine driven firefighting pump which comes complete with hose fittings and suction strainer. This pump has an output of 330 litres per minute and a suction of 7 metres.

It can operated with a head of up to 55 metres. It comes with a 1×1.5”, 2×1” BSP male discharge ports and a 1×1.5” BSP male suction port. This firefighting pump comes with low oil engine protection, a roll frame and rubber mounting feet to ensure it can withstand the rigours of being moved around during a stressful fire event.

This pump provides a high volume of water easily and efficiently and has the multiple applications of firefighting, tank filling, water transfer, as well as non-fire related applications such as boom spraying, irrigation and travelling irrigators. To reduce the risk of fire damage, and for the best result for your fire protection system, you should reduce the amount of flammable material around the house or buildings from dead material such as branches, grass and leaves, spark proof the house with materials such as metal fly wire and practice evacuation procedures. The water or fire pump should be tested and the fuel tank should be full at all times. There is a need to also ensure water reserves are maintained. 

Fire Pump Cost: $ 1164.00 inc gst

Fire Hose Kit Cost: $380.00 inc gst

# Prices quoted here may vary on your location and amount required. Better Property Services is NOT responsible for your use of fire pumps and accessories in the case of a Bush Fire. Many factors may cause equipment to malfunction or your improper use or care and maintenance of the products which Better Property Services is not liable for.

Towns we install Water Tanks in Blue Mountains are: 

Leura, Katoomba, Medlow Bath, Blackheath, Mt Victoria, Wentworth Falls, and also Hazelbrook.

Lawson, Woodford, Bullaburra, Linden, Faulconbridge, Winmalee, Hawkesbury Heights and also Yellow Rock.

Springwood, Valley Heights, Warrimoo, Blaxland, Glenbrook, Lapstone and also Leonay.

Emu Heights, Mount Riverview, Emu Plains, Emu Heights. Penrith and South Penrith,

Cranebrook, Jamisontown, Regentville, Glenmore Park, Kingswood and also Orchard Hills.

Hartley, Little Hartley, Megalong Valley, Hartley Vale and also Lithgow.


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